Precision Automation Techniques
100% Manufactured in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Bostec Metal Seal Machinist

Bostec metal seals are manufactured at our advanced CNC facility in Los Angeles, California. Our high degree of automation insures that Bostec products are competitive with metals seals manufactured anywhere in the world. Being located in Southern California affords Bostec an additional and significant competitive advantage because of the large and highly sophisticated local vendor and labor base that exists due to Southern California being home to the world's largest aerospace companies.

Since it's inception in 1992, Bostec has perfected specialized and proprietary machine tool and holding mechanisms that prevent deformation and allow tight tolerances and absolute concentricity for the manufacture of annular metal seals. On-going research and development has expanded Bostec's capability of producing complex annular profiles from 8mm to over 1m in diameter.

Gasket Machine
Special Alloys

Bostec also has special expertise in machining and heat treating difficult materials such as pure nickel, oxygen free copper, pure aluminum, Inconel and other specialty alloys.

Metal Seals Machine
Custom Sizes

Although Bostec offers CF Gaskets and H-Seals® in stock sizes, custom dimensions and specifications are available without additional cost.

Finished Metal Seals