Custom H-Seal Shapes
Industry Applications

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Sizes & Dimensions

H-Seals can be produced in a variety of shape configurations to meet special design requirements.

Design Assistance

Contact Bostec Engineering, Inc. or its sales representatives for design review and assistance with custom applications. We will be pleased to provide engineering assistance, review of designs, application critique, material selection assistance, test data and engineering drawings, as needed.


Because H-Seals are manufacutured on CNC lathes, custom configurations are often no more expensive than standard H-Seals. We are happy to provide quotations for short run as well as high-volume production orders.

Prototype, First Article & Short Runs

Once your custom configuration has been designed and you are ready to order prototypes or a short run for testing, we will provide you with a quotation for 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces. Lead times very but are generally 4 - 10 weeks.

Available Sizes
0.300 to 30"od
  Nickel 200
  Nickel 201
  Copper OFHC
  Aluminum 1100
  316 Stainless Steel
  Other Materials
Labeling Options
 Bostec Part # (standard)
 OD & ID dimensions (standard)
 Your part # (optional)
 Your part name (optional)
 Shipper # (optional)
 Packing date (optional)
Packaging Options
 Standard: Single bag, 4 or 6 mil
 Optional: Double bag
 Double bag/ultra-clean
 Coin rolled
 Multiple seal assembly pack
Available Tolerances
Thickness: ±.0005 standard
OD: ±.001 standard
ID: ±.001 standard
Certifications Available
 Production Run