Short Run & Custom Metal Seals

Let us help you with your custom application!

We specialize in conformable, static, knife-edge metal seals for ultra high vacuum, ultra high pressure, high temperature and reactive gas conditions. With two decades of experience in designing seals for extreme applications, we are happy to share our expertise and help engineer the right solution for your situation. We have helped design seals for applications in semiconductor fabs, under the ocean, in outer space and in nuclear facilities. Let us help you!

Manufacturing Tailored to Short Runs

Our manufacturing processes have been tailored to accommodate short run and prototype orders. Please call and talk to us about your application. We are happy to review your sketches and discuss the best approach to solving your sealing challenge. We can also help with material selection, fasteners and testing.

How we manufacture and price our seals

All Bostec metal seals are made from the highest quality mill certified metals sourced from the best suppliers in the US and Europe. Gasket blanks are cut from sheet stock by either a laser or water-jet process, which allows us to nest smaller parts within larger parts to save material costs. We will work with you to maximize nesting schedules for your order and pass the savings onto you. Custom seals are priced the same as the nearest dimensionally similar standard gasket manufactured by Bostec, although there may be additional charges for special features that add material costs or take additional production time. Manufacturing lead times are generally 2-10 weeks.

Custom Seal Development Process
Step 1 - Define Your Overall Parameters:

• As as starting point, work from our standard dimension tables for CF gaskets, H-Seals or Poly-Sided seals.

• Determine the overall seal dimensions and package size limitations for your custom seal and gland.

• Define your operating temperature range. Is this a high temperature, room temperature or cryogenic application.

• Define your operating pressure. Is this UHV or UHP?

• What gas or fluid will the seal encounter? Is the environment corrosive? Pyrophoric?

Step 2 - Call or Email Bostec with Parameter Information 424-212-7575:

• We will review your seal design requirements and call to discuss your project. We will confirm your dimensions and make design and material recommendations based on our 20+ years of experience with designing knife edge seals.

• We may ask you to send marked-up drawings of your production parts into which the new seals will be used.

• We are happy to provide a mutual NDA.

Step 3 - Gland and Seal Drawings:

• Based on your information from Step 2, Bostec will produce gland and seal drawings from which sample seals will be made.

• We will ask you to review and approve Bostec’s drawings.

Step 4 - Prototype and Production Seal Prices

• If your in-house prototype testing can be accomplished with standard seals, we will provide samples to you at no cost. If your custom prototype seals need to be manufactured, we will provide a price quotation, which may include NRE charges. We will also provide a price quotation for your seals in production quantities.

Step 5 - Prototype Seals

• Bostec will produce 5-10 prototype seals and ship them to you for testing. Lead times are from 2-10 weeks depending on the seal complexity.

Standard Materials Available
  Nickel 200 / 201
  OFHC Copper
  Aluminum 1100
  316 Stainless Steel
  Other Materials